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Further education, ahoy!

Surprisingly, my Chemistry exam went WELL. If the grading is done leniently (which it might be, since a lot of people complained about the difficulty of it), I could end up with a grade that's higher than anything I've achieved all year. Fingers crossed, guys, I might just manage to get into Life Sciences.

School sucks.

Sitting here in the school library. I finished my test for maths after half an hour. Either it went very well or horribly wrong. We'll see...

In related news, I should probably check on when the proefstuderen is for Hogeschool Rotterdam.


Ahh, English.

Teacher: *Glances at my notepad.* Somehow that doesn't look like our assignment to me.
Me: ...um. No, ma'am. But I finished the assignment, so... um...
Teacher: What are you doing?
Me: ...writing? It's in English, though, so...
Teacher: ...oookay. *Wanders off.*

It pays to be a teacher's pet, I guess. XD

In the meantime: Badass-Kairi is badass, Riku is randomly thinking how the Pirates are unoriginal in their naming conventions.

Conclusion after today:

Caffeine does not cure a writer's block. My poor fanficcc. I finally figured out exactly how our Star-Crossed Lovers meet, too. D:
Ah well. Always another day tomorrow, I suppose. I've got English, so I can aimlessly scribble in my notebook until I work something out there..

In unrelated news, I hope things work out in the underground on Wednesday...

Seekrit Preview Of Evul Planz (read: spork)

With those words, [Roxas] takes his keyblade and points it toward his own chest,

Roxas: Oh, hey, now we're ripping off Kingdom Hearts one.
Axel: ...I'm imagining you as Jeffiroth right now attempting to commit suicide with that fourteen-foot sword of his. You couldn't possibly point that Keyblade straight at your chest.

right where his heart would be if he had one,

Axel: *Strained.* Say it and die screaming.
Xion, Roxas: ...*sporfle.*

and slashed it open. As his blood starts to flow, he slashes his wrists and thinks, one last time,

Xion: Cheer up, emo kid. When life gives you lemons, you spork them and then track down and strangle the badficcer.